You'll NEVER Believe Who Kail and Leah Are Playing Matchmaker To

Kaliyn and Leah apparently want to carry on the good old tradition of having their kids become teenage parents because despite the fact that Lincoln and Addie are all of 5 years old, these two moms want to hook them up together.

Yep, folks, as if these kids would need help in dating, Leah and Kail want Lincoln and Addie to end up happily ever after.

Apparently, all of this went down in a twitter conversation today, started by Leah, who noted to Kail that they "HAVE" to get their kids together. Oh boy.

And it looks like Kail went for it, even suggesting that the two have a reality show together. Um, they already do, remember, it's called Teen Mom.

Considering Kail acts so high and mighty about not wanting MTV to film all of her drama we're surprised to hear of her volunteering her kid for a reality show. Doesn't seem like it would be up her ally. 

In other Kail news, this week on Teen Mom 2, Kail acted all coy about her relationship with Chris, then distracted all of us with her blather about not having a relationship with her alcoholic mom.

Boy is this the season on Teen Mom 2, to drag all of the skeletons out of the closet or what? Given that Jenelle has also started up about Andrew, it looks like some of these gals are hard up for drama this season.


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