Drum Roll for the Sex of Amber's Baby...


mber Portwood is pregnant and we're sure to be in for a wild ride as a result. Why? The last time Amber gave birth, being on TV was still a new thing.

Now that she's a bona fide star, it's clear that all of the endorsements, extravagant baby gifts and sponsored baby showers are going to be rolling in.

But even though we can't wait to witness the publicity parade that will be Amber's baby, even more intriguing today is Amber's latest announcement on her baby:

Not only is Amber having a boy!

A boy!

Well, Amber is sure to have fun with this one.

Considering she's already had a girl, it's clear Amber is ready to celebrate have a son.

The next question is what will she name him?

It's clear that the teen moms seem to do a lot of soul searching because instead of naming their kids the proverbial "Michael" or "John" - their kids have names like "Kaiser," and "Ensley."

So we have to assume that Amber is going to be naming her son something unexpected and something that stands on its own.

Any guess on what it's gonna be?

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