You'll Never Believe What Leah Is Up to Now

leah messer

When is Leah going to get a real job and stop promoting the bullshit site that she's always pushing on her social media sites.

We saw this in a recent tweet for her and couldn't help thinking, what the hell does this even mean???

"Confidence is born when you accept and approve of yourself. Don't run from your story, own it! Realize that imperfections are part of human nature.

There's tremendous power in standing honestly in your truth. Always remember that your sense of belonging can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance. LMR #liveyourstandard"

We're utterly confused.

Did she just define confidence? Is that the profound truth that she's revealing? Does she realize that the only reason she ever booked a motivational speaking gig is that she's still starring in a reality show on MTV?

One thing we will give Leah a lot of credit for, is that unlike Jenelle or Kail, she seems to have real pictures of herself and her children on her social media as opposed to promoting every stupid product that one company seems to have pushed to all of the teen moms.

In any case, watching Leah speak at events has become our guilty pleasure. Here's hoping she scores some more gigs.

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