You Won't Believe What Happened When Ryan's New Son Was Born

This week on Teen Mom OG, Mac and Ryan had their new son. Now, the details on this and Maci's response to the whole ordeal struck us as particularly bizarre and yet nobody else seemed to notice. 

Let's go over the details shall we?

First, Jen and Larry broke down the entire birth of Ryan's child.

MTV skipped over the whole awkward piece about Ryan and Mac being cut out of the show and all the footage of them talking about the birth of their child.

Um, hello? Only the grandparents are being featured in the entire discussion about the birth of a child when the show is about teenage moms?

Second, Jen and Larry made sure to omit the fact that Ryan was in jail while his child was being born.

Another, "what the what?" moment for sure. We all know that Ryan's issues have been featured prominently on the show so why not be transparent about this?

Third, Ryan wasn't there! Now, even Maci managed to discuss this in a ridiculously blase way.

"Ryan is going to be seeing his child born via Skype." Um, whhhhhaaaaat????? The idea that noone was going to discuss Ryan's incarceration AND that he'd be seeing his child born via video-chat just seemed too preposterous!

So what gives? Is MTV going to be acting like the whole kicking off of Ryan and Mac never happened or are we going to get the real truth on what happened? Either way, it seems we're doomed to see Jen and Larry doing most of the talking on Ryan's behalf this season.


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