Will Debra and Dr. David's Wedding be a Teen Mom OG Reunion?

Debra Danielsen

Debra Danielsen talked about her wedding with In Touch Weekly the other day, and she explained how you can get tickets.

Before all of you run off and create a stampede, know that she may not actually rap during the wedding -- it may be a recording, so don't get your hopes up too much.

In addition to DebzOG's rapping, here's what you'll see if you end up attending: the Omaha Pipes (I know what you're thinking, but no, that's a band), and one of her posse, a DJ she raps with.

The event will take place at the zoo, as we previously reported.

Debra explained how you get tickets: "We've been randomly drawing -- so people who tell me they would like to come, I'm getting their information and we're putting it in a hat and they're all going to be drawn, we're going to draw out names.

It's all going to be random." You have to contact her on social media to let her know.

"So you know, you have to have a non biased, totally fair way of doing them. So people who are genuinely interested are reaching out through social media, and when they tell me they're interested, their names go into a hat and I have an unbiased, third party that goes in there and starts drawing names.

So that's the way it's handled. Nobody is playing favorites," she said.

Who will be there?

Interestingly enough, Debz personally invited Maci and Taylor to her wedding.

Amber has also said that she will attend, saying to E! that she's really close to Debz: "Oh, absolutely...Me and Debra are actually really close.

She's bought clothes from my boutique and has been really supportive." Amber also said that she's ready to make up with Farrah.

Given that Farrah has been on-again/off-again about whether she would attend, this may turn out to be interesting after all.

At least now we know how Farrah can ingratiate herself with Amber...just buy clothes at her boutique!

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