Yay! Another Teen Mom Is Putting Her Kid To Work For Her

kailyn lowry

One thing the Teen Moms never seem to run out of: free labor.

From using them as props and models, to having them work the assembly line in their business ventures, the moms have found plenty of ways to keep their kids busy -- besides school.

But now, it seems, Kail has a new idea that we hadn't yet considered. Kail is now having her son do illustrations for her next book.

The book will be about her dog, as she told Us. Here's what she said about it: "In addition to my book deal, I'm excited to announce Isaac is going to be the illustrator of our new children's book...Isaac loves to be artsy and creative so when I suggested the children's book idea about our dog he was pumped to do the pictures for it.


At least she made it a point to note that working on her stuff is optional for the kids...

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Instagram post by Kailyn Lowry • Dec 19, 2017 at 3:28pm UTC