Briana Denies She's Dating Javi

javi marroquin

Javi and Briana are dating. Javi confirmed it. Kail basically confirmed it. There are photos everywhere. But apparently, Briana isn't aware of it...

Yesterday, in a conversation with E!, Briana said that "nothing is going on" and that the two are "just friends".

Of course, anyone can see that this is a BS. And after Javi admitted it, her statement seemed all the more insane.

Although Briana has never been one to shy away from conflict, she's recently gotten into fights with nearly every Teen Mom -- except Jenelle and for some reason, Tyler Baltierra.

And then there was the crazy social media breakdown she had the other day, where she deleted (almost) all of her posts, only to sort of return hours later.

Still, it gets crazier... For some reason, Briana has been changing her profile pictures to include her with Javi...

But possibly the weirdest thing was that she didn't exactly delete everything.

She kept one random picture of her daughters from September, and added in a picture of a nun giving the finger?!?! And yes, she changed her profile pic to one of her with Javi...

Now, we're not ones to psychoanalyze the moms. If we tried, we'd probably be in some kind of asylum ourselves... But this is getting crazy even for Briana.

There's more too: Briana and Javi have been tweeting negative stories about the other Teen Mom ladies...which in and of itself wouldn't be so weird.

But they're tweeting the same links at the exact same time (within seconds of each other). Why would they be doing that? Who knows.

What do you think is going on with Briana? Tweet us...

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