Wow...Jenelle Just Deleted Her Twitter and Here's Why

Jenelle Evans

Hmm, something very interesting is going down on the Twittersphere and naturally, it involves Jenelle.

So, it looks like between the airing of last night's episode on Teen Mom 2 and this morning, Jenelle deleted her Twitter.

Now, there aren't that many clues as to what might have happened, but the Twittersphere is buzzing about a few points about last night's episode:

First, Babs talked last night, AGAIN, about how Jace is afraid of David.

We also saw a preview of the next episode of Teen Mom 2 in which Jace tells Jenelle he doesn't want her to marry David but then says "JK." Babs right? Is Jace afraid of David or has Babs successfully passed on her hatred of David onto Jace, making Jenelle's theory right?

Second, we all saw the way David handled Kaiser. That was pretty concerning and just about everyone noticed on Twitter too.

Third, it looks like Jenelle turned down a fan photograph and that fan had some sort of conversation with Jenelle on Twitter about the whole thing too.

Finally, yes, it looks like other fans on Twitter thought the same thing we did - which is that Jenelle and David were high last night on MTV.

Hmmm, we can't wait to find out the dirt on this one but it's clear that for now, Jenelle is on the defensive (unusual for her) rather than offensive, because she's off Twitter for now.

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