Will you pay $4.99 a month for a badge on Farrah's new app? (No, it's not porn)

farrah abraham

In typical wannabe-Kardashian form, Farrah is always looking for news way to monetize her fans -- so now she's released an app on iTunes and Google Play.  But before you ask: no, it's not a porn app.

The Farrah app, which (surprisingly) costs nothing to install, will allow you to buy in app Farrah products and other stuff.

You can read her Twitter and other social feeds on the app...

but even better, you can pay $4.99 a month to 'subscribe' for a badge to show your love for her, and get a chance to upload your videos for other fans (or fan?) can see.

To get you to download the app, Farrah is offering to fly a (lucky?) fan to LA for a pool party (we can only imagine what she'll make you do if you have to use the bathroom...).  

The responses to her announcement were just as you'd expect:


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