Will Leah Messer Rip Off Kail With Her Prodcast?

Teen Mom 2

Looks like Leah has decided she can do more to grow her "motivational speaking" gig because now, she's decided to launch a podcast.

We suspect she's been running out of endorsement opportunities and people aren't exactly knocking on her door to give her a speaking gig.

So here's our question - did Leah appear on Kail's podcast and think, "I should be doing this!" Did she give Kail a heads up on the fact that she's going to be launching her own podcast? Will she at least come up with some topics or themes that differ from Kail? Here's our guess at what Leah is going to focus on:

1. We suspect Leah is definitely going to go the mom route with promoting the fact that she is the mother of a disabled child

Leah tends to focus on this quite a bit on Teen Mom 2 and while all of the teen moms talk a lot about their kids or the experience of motherhood, we have a strong feeling Leah believes one of the biggest draws of her show will be coping with twins who are so different.

2. Leah will take a page from Kail's book and try to get ahead of the tabloid gossip

One thing we've noticed Kail is good at doing is voicing her opinion about teen mom controversies when it's convenient for her and making sure she winds up in the tabloids and controls the story she wants to put out there.

We have a feeling that Leah will likely mimic this tactic.

3. Leah will feature her prior relationships strongly

We're expecting both Cory and Jeremy and perhaps even her current boyfriend to feature strongly on Leah's new podcast.

Why, because that's pretty much the only direction Leah can take to be remotely interesting and she probably knows it too considering she pushed her storyline about potentially getting back together with Jeremy on the last season of Teen Mom 2.