Update: Bri Denies -- Will Javi and Briana Make A Baby for the Next Season of Teen Mom?

javi marroquin

Who didn't see this one coming? So, over the past few weeks, Briana and Javi have been going out on dates and now Javi is spilling all of the details for magazines about it.


This, just seems so put on for the cameras. Of course, we all saw Javi flirting up a storm with Briana on a teen mom special show, and it was clear that there was some chemistry between them.

Javi was also clearly trying to figure out Briana's dating status and determine if he could date her. However, now that they're dating, why is Javi publicizing the relationship so much?

Here's our theory: We think that Javi must be getting something out of all of this.

After all, it make sense why Kail would have had the response to the relationship that she did too. According to Radarr, Kail said, "LMAO, what a joke."

We suspect that Javi is either getting paid by the tabloids to talk or his dates with Briana are sponsored in some capacity, because this relationsihp is proceeding in just a little too perfect a fashion.

Of course, there's also the issue of whether these two will have a baby...now wouldn't MTV go nuts about that one! That could be just enough to land Briana and Javi their own show.

Update: Briana has since denied that she's dating anyone: "I'm not dating anyone nor do I have time toooooo let the rumors Rest In Peace pls"

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