Will David Eason Fight Cory Wharton?

Jenelle Evans

All right, all right. We have to say, the best teen mom news is definitely the gossip about OG stars battling it out with Teen Mom 2 stars.

Something about the conflict being so intense it crosses shows just makes it that much more interesting, doesn't it.

Well, now, it appears that Cory, Cheyenne's man, is calling out David for now being willing to duke it out in a professional setting such as a boxing ring. 

By the way, is there some reason that Teen Mom stars always seem to want to fight out their conflict in a boxing ring. As opposed to a math competition? Just saying. 

In any case, as well all know, things got heated when David decided to call Cheyenne racist. 

Cheyenne had had some old tweets tht she'd apologized for but it looks like David had to make a big deal about them. We're sure this all had to do it the fact that David got fired for his own tweets and had several months there where he couldn't help calling out others for their tweets.

David, look dude face the music, MTV is never, ever, EVER, getting back together with you.

After that, Cory took offense that David had opened up his big 'ole mouth and challenged David. 

So if these two did fight it out,who do you think would win. Our money is on Cory...

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