Will Amber and Andrew's Honeymoon Come to An End? Here's Why

andrew glennon

If you saw the last episode of Teen Mom OG, then you know that Amber and Andrew in a serious honeymoon phase right now. Which is shocking because she just had a baby and it's a pretty stressful thing to deal with - having to get up at all hours of the night.

Still, Andrew and Amber managed to have a lovely date night despite the presence of James and even talked through Andrew's trip to California. So what gives? Do we see Amber keeping it up?

On their date night, Amber did hint at being unable to handle any change in their relationship. Which seem to make Andrew snap to attention and look scared for a minute.

But, we do have to admit, Andrew and Amber seem to have gotten along great and shockingly, Andrew is tolerating the new baby and all of the change remarkably well.

So, will the two be able to handle the fact that Leah isn't taking James's presence well? This is sure to be a major issue for the season considering how many issues Amber has already had parenting Leah. And it does seem that once again, Amber is dropping Leah for her new family with Andrew and James.

But for the first time, we have to say, we're sure that Leah is having her own issues coping with her new baby brother.


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