Why Is Tyler Heading to Therapy Making the News?

For some reason, Catelynn and Tyler love to make their treatments for psychiatric conditions define them. Seriously.

Recently, Catelynn has not stopped talking about how she headed to treatment for 6 weeks. Now, Tyler is talking up a storm about how he's going to therapy and how much he appreciates his fans for supporting him on this decision.

First of all, while we applaud these two for trying to destigmatize psychiatric conditions, their attempts to define themselves completely by this storyline is get, shall we say, booooooring. We're also completely confused as to why Tyler's going to therapy is making such a sensation.

After all, the decision to go therapy is a lot like making to the decision to get a haircut.

It's yet another service professional who wants to hoodwink you into thinking that you need them when all you really are to them is a part of their business.

Catelynn's stint in treatment will also be filmed for MTV. We're not sure what kind of treatment this considering that most medical institutions are militant about the need to observe HIPPA, but it looks like MTV was actually able to pull off a release for this.

Personally, our belief is that Catelynn and Tyler's storyline this season has been completely boooooring and they really need to bring back the pig or something to jazz it up. Who's with us?

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Instagram post by Catelynn Lowell • Jan 15, 2018 at 7:52pm UTC