Why Roxanne and Brit Deserve Their Own Reality Show

So by now, we've all gotten quite a taste of all of the families on Teen Mom 2 and what their foibles are. We know just how racist David can be, we know how fiesty Leah's kids can be and we know just how annoying and camera hogging Javi can be.

BTW, sidenote, we're actually surprised at how little Javi is featured in this season.

But can we start in just how much drama Brit and Roxanne have brought to Teen Mom 2? Let's breakdown why we think MTV needs to give these two their own show:

1. Brit helped Bri attack Kail

Nothing against Kail or anything - she's clearly just using her screentime to hawk up as many sales of her new cannabis hair care product is all - but we have to admit, the fight between Bri and Kail definitely added to the intrigue of the last Teen Mom 2 reunion. And we don't think Kail really brough the intrigue what with her being so entitled and all. On the other hand Bri brings the drama without being such a narcissist.

And when you attack her sister Bri, boy you better watch out. So Brit gets a point for attack her sister's fellow teen moms. Oh yah, and we bet Jenelle's willing to assign her a point for that too.

2. Brit has the best one-liners EVER

WE have to say, although Bri delivers plenty of dramz on the show, Brit does not let her get away with it. Nope.

It's clear that Bri tries to keep Bri down-to-earth and not about to take off into the heavens with her newfound fame. Not to mention, Brit has amazing skin and hair.

3. Roxanne has the best questions when she's grilling Bri's boyfriends. 

Yep, Roxanne is sure to give every man that Bri ever dates (or could make her next baby daddy) the 4th degree.

And she sure let John have it. But didn't you just love whem Roxanne seemed suspicious that John hadn't fathered a whole bunch of kids out of wedlock?

Yep, that's one episode we won't forget. 



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