Why Is Javi So Concerned About Briana Televising Her Surgery

Briana DeJesus

In the world of teen moms, nothing is off the record. Well, apparently for Kail it is since she never wants to be observed talking about Javi again.

Yep. Somehow, all of her interactions with Briana caused Kail to really want to rise above and ensure that she was keeping things as classy as possible.

Well, now, it looks like Javi wants to display some class because he thinks Briana either shouldn't get her surgery or shouldn't be filming. Here's our thoughts about the matter:

Now, while it does seem sweet that Javi doesn't think Briana needs surgery, implying that he thinks she looks great just she is - we're wondering why he brought up the issue of her filming the surgery? Does Javi really think that Briana's altercation with his ex was keeping it classy? Does Javi think that proposing after just a few months in the relationship with Briana was classy? Does Javi think that being filmed hitting on Briana all of the time was keeping things classy? 

One of the things that Javi is always saying he's concerned with is his job in the military.

For some reason, Javi seems to think he might be putting this in jeopardy if Bri doesn't move to Delaware ASAP and make sure not to televise her surgery???!!!

We think all of this is an excuse for Javi to not have to take care of Bri after her surgery AND ensure that he got laid without actually making good on any of his promises. Anyone else with us? 

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