Why is Farrah Liquidating Her Stores? The Answer Will Shock You

Farrah Abraham has been liquidating her furniture in both Austin, Texas and Lakeway, Texas which leads us to believe she's definitely shutting down her businesses and liquidating.

The question, is what's going on with her finances that she keeps needing to get rid of her inventory? We all know that Farrah's FroYo business closed earlier this year, so what gives with her furniture business?

We're thinking, this may be a last ditch effort on Farrah's part to get herself in a better financial situation. After all, we do know that Farrah is no longer working for MTV. It's certainly possible that Farrah is running out of money and without the exposure, her businesses are also doing a lot more poorly.  This would make sense since if the businesses are doing poorly and Farrah needs the money, she would begin to liquidate the assets. 

So what's next for Farrah? Even though she is supposed to be starring in another reality TV show, we fear for this star, especially with the most recent scandal about her drug usage, which for some reason Sophia was remarking about about on her Instagram.

One things's for sure, even Farrah has been off MTV for some time now and will no longer be filmed for the next season of Teen Mom OG, it's clear she'll continue to garner plenty of media attention. 


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