Will Ryan Edwards Leave Rehab Early Again?

Uh oh. We're not sure if this is a example of poor adherence to his treatment plan for addiction of or if fatherhood has struck Ryan as his priority right now, but it looks like Ryan might win up leaving rehab a TAD early. Now, if there's one thing that comes across about Ryan it's that being a dad isn't exactly his forte.

In fact, he pretty much stands for being a "deadbeat dad," - especially when you compare him to "dad bod" Gary.

However, it appears that though Ryan had planned to remain in rehab until next year, he may actually leave by Thanksgiving. Is it possible that Mackenzie wanted him home with her?

If she's smart, Mackenzie will ask Ryan to remain in rehab as long as he needs to and then let him back into her home 'cause this new Jagger is simply not going to benefit from a deadbeat dad who's also high all of the time.

And one thing that's clear about substance abuse is that relapse can be inevitable for most people rather than unlikely.

Of course, it's always possible, and we''ll float one theory on this, that Ryan and Mackenzie have a new reality TV opportunity ahead for them and need to have Ryan there to go ahead with filming. 

We're guessing we'll just have to wait until November to find out the truth on this one buuuuuuut the last thing we think Ryan is rushing home for is Jagger...


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