Why David is Doubling Down on His Homophobia

Jenelle Evans

Maybe David is angling for a role on a new MTV reality show about the racist, homophobic young men growing increasing politically active across the country or something because after getting fired from MTV for his inappropriate comments on Twitter, David appears to be doubling down on his comments.

First, Jenelle offered up the most ridiculous defense that Dr.Drew has ever seen of her life, telling him that David "doesn't agree with their lifestyle" and wouldn't want his children to assume it. 

Second, David insists that MTV is hypocritical and insists on allowing people like Bristol to be on, when he is put in his place (he may have a point there). 

Next, David insists Jenelle homeschool Maryssa because one of her teachers at her private school was cross-dressing? Wait what. Yep, that's the latest on exactly why Jenelle is now going to be teaching Maryssa at home.

Oof. Boy did Maryssa get the short-end of the stick on this one.

Lastly, David has recently posted on ihs Instagram about "straight pride." Here's what he had to say:

For the people who get offended when you call them what they identify themselves as... I'm also proud to be a white man, a southerner and a redneck! #pride


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Of course, we couldn't help noticing that David's pic he posted was of a Caucasian couple and he had to make a point to say that he is also a "redneck."

Hmmm, is David trying to make a racist statement now too? 

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