Who's Farrah Shocking Choice to Play Her in Her Movie?

farrah abraham

Farrah's been ever so gleeful about her recent announcement of a movie that's going to be made about her, based on her book "My Teenage Dream Ended." Naturally, Farrah has appointed herself at the helm of this venture, and was posting on Instagram about how she's looking for headshots for casting.

Farrah's book "My Teenage Dream Ended," chronicled her path to become a teenager mom, including the shocking death of Sophia's father, Derek.

Farrah had written that although she and Derek has not maintained their romantic relationship and she had not been speaking to him for nearly 2 months, she had always assumed that when Sophia was born they would all be a happy family together.

Hmmm, we're thinking that nobody would have seen Farrah's evolution into who she is today coming. 

Farrah told InTouch about the movie:

"I'm currently doing private castings and getting ready to make a memorable feature film..."I look forward to have many fans who supported me through Teen Mom be part of the film."


It's clear Farrah is trying to make it seem as if she's moving onto greener pastures since being fired by MTV and knowing that this last season of Teen Mom OG will be her final moment in the spotlight, but MTDE films? C'mon y'all, this ain't no Universal Studios, right? Also, what kind of budget does this film have if Farrah is heading up so many of the film's roles, including casting and production? Hmmmm.

Makes you wonder doesn't it.

We suspect that as in any of Farrah's ventures, the chance to keep the world talking about her is the most important value of any business venture and so far, it's looks like Farrah's succeeding. 


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