Who's the bigger idiot? Simon Saran gets into a Twitter spat with Courtland Rogers

Farrah Abraham

Being Simon, the Teen Mom biopic on Farrah's on-and-off douchebag Simon Saran, is coming up this week and we're all soooo excited...

And just in time for his debut, Simon has decided to get into a Twitter spat with another of our favorite douchebags, Jenelle's ex Courtland Rogers -- the guy with the Cadillac tattoo on his neck.

As you might expect, their spat was bound to be high brow and intellectual...

In a now deleted tweet, Rogers responded, "Are u even American? 'Hate a white man' what kind of racist sh*t is that?? Smh." To that, Simon responded:

Courtland then responded with this: "I better quit talking sh*t before u hijack a plane and fly it into my house."

Wow, real classy guys...

Of course, Simon couldn't leave and had to post a video of someone getting into a Cadillac (suggesting it was himself, but the person isn't shown):

He then took credit for bonuses being paid out for Teen Mom OG:

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