That whole MTV feud? Forget it, and watch "Ex Files"...

Jenelle Evans

Remember how Jenelle was going to drop MTV and Teen Mom just a few weeks ago? Well, forget that.

It seems like Jenelle learned a lesson from Farrah and realized what happens when you take your self-righteous anger at MTV too far.... And she's not gonna let her gravy train stop.

So now, Jenelle is promoting "The Ex Files" -- coming soon to MTV. Some are suggesting that this may be a series, but it seems to us that it's gonna be another one of those specials that mostly uses material that's already been seen in some form or another. Nevertheless, these specials often contain some new stuff that's pretty interesting.

We don't have a date for the special, but MTV has been programming a lot of Teen Mom specials during the week or two between the end of TM2 and the start of the new seasons of Teen Mom OG and then Teen Mom New Jersey.

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