Who is Kaitlyn Marcacci? All About The Teen Mom New Jersey Mom: Pics, Facebook, More

Teen Mom New Jersey

Today, in our series of the stars of the new Teen Mom New Jersey series, we have Kaitlyn Marcacci.

In case you missed them, here are the other cast members that we've done so far: Devin McFaull, Sunshine Jones, Kaycie Flores.

Teen Mom New Jersey's Kaitlyn Marcacci - Who is she?

Kaitlyn Marcacci is another Teen Mom NJ cast member. She is originally from Vineland New Jersey but she currently lives in Bridgeton New Jersey.

She graduated in 2016 from high school. She was an honors student for at least some of her high school career.

Her son is named Liam Wade. He was born on August 3, 2017. Here is a picture of him:

Kaitlyn's family has a butcher shop called Marcacci meats, which is located in Vineland, NJ and apparently offers a mean hoagie.

Teen Mom New Jersey Kaitlyn Marcacci Arrests

Kaitlyn Marcacci was arrested in February (while pregnant) according to the local newspaper, The Daily Journal. The article notes that she had a "$9 Hammonton warrant." She was released after paying bail.

Teen Mom New Jersey Kaitlyn Marcacci and Fiance Raymond Klawitter

Kaitlyn Marcacci appears to be engaged to a man named Raymond Klawitter, who is is also from New Jersey. She has posted about the engagement on Twitter. Here they are together:

From his social media, it looks like Raymond Klawitter works at Hollister Co. and he attended Rowan University, although it's unclear if he graduated.

Raymond was a sports star in high school, playing varsity football, as well as basketbal and baseball.

Teen Mom New Jersey Kaitlyn Marcacci: Facebook, Twitter, Social Media

Kaitlyn Marcacci's social media is mostly private. Here is her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are Raymond Klawitter's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Photo: Raymond Klawitter