Who is Kail's Rumored Boyfriend, Dionisio Cephas? Facebook, Twitter and More!

Dionisio Cephas

Dionisio Cephas, a man with whom Kail has recently been rumored to be dating given that they were having some flirty exchanges on social media, is now surely going to be in the spotlight.

According to the rumor mill, Kail is not pregnant with his baby since Dionisio apparently wants to wait until marriage to have a child. But just who is this guy? We had to find out for ourselves.

Dionisio Cephas can be found here on Twitter at the handle @ttcu and appears to be a musician given that his twitter provides a link to an EP on soundcloud.

Actually, his rap is pretty good. In any case, for at least the last few days, he and Kail have been tweeting each other.

As an example, Kail most recently tweeted: What are the chance I'll get to see @ttcu today?

On his Facebook, Dionisio declares himself a DJ and talks a lot about his family and his community.

It does appear that he lives in Delaware and so it's clear that he certainly could be someone that Kail could have met locally.

After looking over his social media presence, however, it does appear that this one might actually be a keeper. What do you think?