Who Else Thinks Ryan Edwards Should Be Cut Out of Teen Mom?

Ryan Edwards

Last season's Teen Mom OG was pretty shocking, what with Ryan Edwards's opiate abuse problem come to light and his new wife, Mackenzie, pretty much ignoring the problem, then blaming Maci for Ryan's issues. Now, we all know that opiate abuse is a medical issue, but one of the most controversial episodes took place when Mackenzie and Ryan were driving and Ryan was high.

Even though Ryan looked so strung out, the filming just kept going and Mackenzie kept turning a blind eye to what was going on.

Our vote is for Ryan to be kicked off of the show. Although MTV did end in exposing a pretty important issue, the level at which Mackenzie and Ryan's parents have been enabling Ryan was just too much for TV. Not to mention that the filming of the issue without intervention from anyone may have been part of what enabled the enabling. While Ryan has since attended rehab, it wouldn't be surprising if he'd had a relapse and of course, wouldn't that make for great TV?

The other issue at play here is why Farrah would be fired and not Ryan? At the end of the day, Ryan could have potentially killed someone while driving in that car.

And of course, while he didn't actually get pulled over or caught, it's clear that his behavior did merit a DUI charge. Producers think this is okay and Farrah's business ventures aren't?

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Instagram post by Maci Bookout McKinney • Oct 8, 2017 at 6:04pm UTC