Who Else Is Sick Of Dr. Drew Hosting The Teen Mom Reunions?

Teen Mom OG

Remember Loveline on MTV? Most of you probably don't, but if you're a child of the 90s, you probably remember MTV used to have Dr.

Drew ad Adam Carolla on late at night to talk with callers about sex and hookups.

The show only lasted a few years, but it was what got Dr. Drew his start on MTV, and since then he's been a staple on MTV for decades.

And for whatever reason, MTV has decided that over all that time, it was necessary to have Dr. Drew do reunions and other specials with the Teen Mom cast.

At one point Dr. Drew was a respected doctor, and he had actual useful medical advice for young people. But since then, he's slipped to being a third rate podcaster and shilling for apps and startups.

Does he add anything to Teen Mom? There's no medical component to a Teen Mom reunion (and there hasn't been for a while). Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below...