Who is Devin McFaull? All About The Teen Mom New Jersey Mom: Pics, Facebook, Arrests, More

Today, another in our series on the Teen Mom New Kersey teen moms. This time, we have Devin McFaull. We've previously written about Kaycie Flores and Sunshine Wallace.

Teen Mom New Jersey's Devin McFaull - Who is she?

Devin McFaull is a 19 year old woman who had a new daughter born in June. Devin is close friends with Sunshine Wallace Jones, and played a part in her wedding. Her baby, named Karina Jade Lopez, can be seen here:

Teen Mom New Jersey's Devin McFaull's Baby Daddy: Manny Lopez ("Rugga Dump")

Karina Jade Lopez's dad, Manny Lopez goes by the name "Rugga Dump", pronounced "Roo-gah" dump. He was definitely with Devin as of May, but it doesn't appear that Dump and Devin are still together. Dump is 23 years old.

It looks like Karina Jade isn't Dump's first child. He has posted on Facebook a picture of a boy, who he says is daddy's son:

Teen Mom New Jersey: Are Dump and Devin married?

Dump was generally thought to be Devin's boyfriend, but in one place, Dump calls Devin his wife: "First off Let Me Thank My Beautiful Wife For The Pink Lunch Box and the Food she put in it! But most important is when i opened it and noticed the lovey Valentines day Note ?z"t she made !?z?(C)?z?? Well it made me remeber why she is the love of my life!! Babe no one in the world can make me feel as wanted as you can . Happy Valentines Day My Love.

Ill see You after Work And Have The Best Day Until Then. I Love You. "

It definitely appears that Devin and Dump were married for some time. However, they are now either separated or divorced.

On September 2, when Karina reached 3 months, Dump posted on Facebook that he was excited to see his daughter. Dump calls Karina his "Lil Fatty".

Dump has some serious drama associated with him...which we discuss below.

Teen Mom New Jersey's Rugga Dump: Shooting, Recovery

Manny Lopez, or Rugga Dump, has no known criminal history, but he certainly has been involved in some serious stuff.

He recently posted on Facebook of his 2016 shooting. Apparently, he was shot in the neck, and he says it "almost changed everything."

Dump explained that "A year ago today i was shot in my neck. 1" away from ma head! #STILLiSTAND Blessed." He claims that it was a "wrong time wrong place situation."

Teen Mom New Jersey's Devin McFaull Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Devin McFaull has made some of her social media private. However, her Facebook is here. And Rugga Dump's is here.

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Photo: Facebook/Devin McFaull