Who attended the OG reunion? Check it out...

Teen Mom OG

This weekend was the Teen Mom OG reunion in NYC.  As we all know, there have been a ton of developments over the last few months that have resulted in this reunion being even more of a drama than normal.

Just who would be attending became a big question...but now we have the answers. According to Us, Farrah did not attend (which was known beforehand).

However, what we didn't know beforehand was whether her parents would attend. There were some questions about whether Michael would be there, and separately whether Debra would be there.

Us reports that Debra did show up, but Michael did not.  They also report that although Amber has been vomiting and unable to attend in person, she did join the conversation remotely.  

Catelynn it appears was also able to make it with Tyler, and she is doing a lot better, after several rounds of treatment in a mental health facility.  

Since Farrah was not in attendance, we doubt there were many fireworks at the actual OG reunion.  But we'll have to wait to be sure.

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