Who Are The Mean Girls of Teen Mom 2?

Briana DeJesus

The Teen Mom reunion involved more than just an opportunity for David to get drunk and turn into his menacing self or for an outright war to break out between Jenelle and her mom - yep, the cast has gone all mean girlz on each other.

First, let's take Jenelle and Kail. Earlier this year, Kail was livid with Jenelle for reportedly breaking the story of her pregnancy to America while Jenelle fought right back, trying to throw Javi under the bus.

Apparenly, Jenelle hasn't gotten over that, because she reportedly cussed out Kail during the reunion. The average person would just given Kail the coulder shoulder; nope, not Jenelle.

Second, and coincidentally, Jenelle has warmed up quite a bit to Briana:

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Think that's purely by chance. Not with Jenelle, of course. We suspect this new alliance has a lot to do with the fact that Briana is reportedly dating Javi, which means that Jenelle is going to be team Briana.

And that brings us to our third example of the Teen Moms going all "Mean Girls" on each other.

Reportedly, at the reunion, an outright war broke out between Kail and Briana who wound up sitting next tot each other in makeup chairs.

It seems the only people who aren't mean girls in this situation are Leah and Chelsea, but we wouldn't be surprised to hear that even these two had taken sides at some point.

Somehow, we think they'll be going team Kail...

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