Where TF Is Ryan Edwards Getting $10,000 Per Week For Drugs?

MacKenzie Standifer

We learned in last night's episode of Teen Mom OG that Ryan Edwards was spending $10,000 a week on drugs according to Mackenzie Standifer. Somehow she tried to blame it all on Maci, but we'll set that aside for now.

What was stunning to us wasn't that Ryan was spending that much -- it was that Ryan had that much to spend....

We learned a few years ago that Ryan had been working as a lineman. Linemen earn a good salary of $60,000 to $80,000, but that's not gonna keep him in drugs for very long.

Of course, Ryan also had his Teen Mom OG salary, which could have been as high as $30,000 per episode, although it probably is significantly lower.

Even if Ryan is making $200,000 or more before taxes, that's nowhere near enough to be spending $10,000 a week on drugs.

So where is the rest of the money coming from? We wonder...

What do you guys think? Where is Ryan getting $10,000 a week to pay for his drug habit? And how does he still have all that money for his fancy go karts and stuff? Comment below....

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Instagram post by Christopher Edwards • Jun 6, 2014 at 7:32pm UTC