What's In Jenelle's Police Report? A LOT of Trouble!

Jenelle Evans

As we wrote yesterday, Jenelle caused another shocker a few days ago (April 26) when she got into a road rage situation with another driver, and allegedly pulled out a gun to threaten the driver.

Radar has released the police report from the Brunswick County Sheriff, and it's quite a shocker.

According to the report, almost half a dozen cops were dispatched to the scene.

Jenelle at the time claimed that she was being tailgated, when the other driver raced in front and slammed on their brakes -- she says she was almost run off the road, which would have injured Jace and the other kid in the car (probably Kai or Ensley).

The other driver said that Jenelle followed him onto his private property, saying he's "fixing to be shot".

There was a huge incident stopping traffic, and potential damage to a mailbox. In the report, it says a deputy called from jail advising that Jenelle hit 2 vehicles in the yard and then pulled a 10-84/G.

WTF? She allegedly followed a guy home, hit two of his cars and then pulled out a gun, all while having her kids in the car? Why does she even have a gun in her car with her kids there?   

From the report, it's not clear if she was arrested at the time.

Commenters were quick to point out that this will not help Jenelle with getting Jace back from Babs, nor any of the other myriad of cases she and David are involved in.  

Our question is: Where the F is Morgan J Freeman? Why is Farrah still gone, but these two nutcases are still on the show (and Jenelle is for future episodes as well, although David still insists he wasn't canned).

Freeman and others are enablers of Jenelle...but in the meantime, he's tweeting this:

Regardless of your opinion of the President, that's quite a statement coming from the guy who pays Jenelle and David.

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