What's In Jace and Kaiser's Future Now?

Jenelle Evans

One thing Jenelle just loves to do is promote David's parenting and the portrayal of her family, all tucked away in what seems to be the most isolated area of the South.

But just how is David turning out as a role model for the kids?

So far, even without counting the shocking Kaiser incident from this season of Teen Mom 2, here's a roundup of David's "model" behavior in the past few months:

1. Teaching Jace how to shoot a gun

2. Dressing constantly in arm fatigues along with the kids

3. Getting drunk at the Teen Mom 2 reunion

4. Getting pissed off and agitated by Dr. Drew's questions to Jenelle at the Teen Mom 2 reunion

5. Storming out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion

6. Forcing Jenelle to storm out with him out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion

7. Taking the kids hunting

Hmmm, anyone else notice the liberal use of guns??!!!

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