What's Going On with Debra Danielsen's Wedding Pics?

Not gonna lie, we absolutely love Debra Danielsen. When she and Farrah are together on Teen Mom OG, it's clear that Farrah is truly a cobra, even if Debra can get a little dramatic at times. And we're right there with Dr.

David, believing that Farrah treats her mom like shit.

And who didn't feel a little tearful last night, watching Debra talk about the distance between her and Farrah? It was just so sad.

And our all time favorite Debra move is her Instagram featuring her all-too close up shots of her face.

So what's going on with all of the recent pics that Debra has been posting, featuring some upper thigh and Dr. David's crotch shot? We seriously believe that Debra meant well.

Couldn't you see her looking over all of these pics and feeling that she looked good, so why not post the pic? Or the pic of Dr.

David, isn't it likely that Debra just meant to post the pic in jest?

C'mon, let's cut this woman a break. She looked good in the pics and she had a great time at her own wedding. Let's all congratulate her for her wedding rather than taking pot-shots at her thighs.

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Instagram post by Debra Danielsen • Oct 19, 2017 at 8:25pm UTC