What's David Eason's Recent Controversy Involving Jace? You'll Never Believe It!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is never one to shy away from controversy and of course, neither is David Eason. In fact, he seems to have decided to invite as much controversy as possible, particularly with his social media.

And now, David Eason has posted photos of himself hunting squirrels with Jace and talking about frying them and eating them.

While David has been talking about his love of guns for some time, it's clear how essential it's been for him to invite people to comment on his way of life, especially with the kids.

It's not the first time that David has taken his kids hunting; in fact, he seems to delight in promoting guns to his children.

While many fans began to express their concerns about Jace being encouraged to hunt with guns, others did feel David was being a good step-father.

After all, David has also been criticized on the show for the way that he's disciplined his kids.

More recently, fans have been asking for Jenelle to be booted from the show for all of her recent behaviors.

Still, she seems to persist, perhaps because she remains one of the most interesting people on Teen Mom 2.

So will David's pro-gun pics continue to get Jenelle bad press? We have a feeling that may come up again and again in the next few months...


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