Are We Sure MTV Was Ever Really Planning On Hiring Cheyenne Floyd?

So MTV fired Farrah for porn, they fired David for homophobia, and they didn't fire Jenelle for all of her craziness...

Now we have the yet to start Teen Mom, Cheyenne Floyd, who was caught by Redditors saying some absurdly racist stuff -- so what will MTV do?

After news surfaced last week that Cheyenne Floyd would be replacing Farrah as the new Teen Mom OG, some smart Redditors got to work and discovered that Cheyenne had been saying some pretty crazy stuff on Twitter a few years ago.

She has since deleted the tweets, but not before they spread over the Internet.

One read "my mom said I can't see The Help, she knows I already have a problem with white people."  Another read "last night I saw it and I wanted to kill every white person I saw."  WTF???

So once again Morgan Freeman and MTV are in a bind.

What to do with another Teen Mom gone wrong.

There have been no official comments from MTV or Freeman, but there has been quite a bit of speculation about the fate of Cheyenne, who isn't (and was never) actually a teen mom.

There was a collective groan when it was reported that Cheyenne would get the job in the first place -- over more suitable moms like Mackenzie McKee -- so it's not like there's a fan base to keep her around.

And there's plenty of anger already online at the potential for another hateful person appearing on the show.

Our take: we're not 100% sure that MTV definitely planned to hire Cheyenne. The news was never really verified by any publication.

The Ashley, which is an excellent publication with great sources, was the one to break the news, but sometimes sources are wrong. It's possible that MTV was just floating Cheyenne as a trial balloon to see it would draw attention.

Remember, we were told at one point that the replacement would be McKee -- and at another point, we were told it would be Mackenzie Standifer.  Neither appears to have panned out.

One thing's for sure -- the idea of Cheyenne joining the cast did draw attention.

But it was probably the wrong type of attention for MTV. We're guessing that Cheyenne will be dropped (if she was ever actually hired) and MTV will just move on to someone else.

In a few months maybe we'll hear that the new mom is Aaryn Williams...


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