What Will Kail Name Baby 'Lo?

Kailyn Lowry

Has anyone else noticed that all of the Teen Moms love to name their children obscure names that are trying too hard to sound sophisticated? It's as if these teenage mothers are trying to compensate for the fact that they gave birth to their children at the age of 16.

Case in point - Maci Bookout's children are named Bentley, Jade and Maverick.

We're just impressed that Maci even had the word "maverick" in her vocabulary. Then there's Jenelle's choice of the names "Kaiser" and even better is "Ensley." Sadly, these names are simply not elevating the status of these children.

So, based on Kail's tastes in names (e.g. Isaac, Lincoln), we just had to take a guess as to what she'd named her third child.

While Isaac is a bit of departure since it's a biblical name, we suspect Kail will go for something that's gender neutral and meant to sound unique. For instance, "Preston," "Taylor" or "Carter" might be some good guesses.

Anyone else want to take a stab at what Kail might have named her third son? Let us know in the comments section.

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