What Is Teen Mom Young and Pregnant?

If you've been watching Teen Mom this week, and haven't been fast-forwarding over all the commercials, you've noticed that MTV has something new and unexpected coming out in March. It's a new Teen Mom series called Young and Pregnant.

The show sort of came out of nowhere for a us junkies -- MTV did a really good job of keeping it under wraps.

There was supposed to be a new show called Teen Mom New Jersey, which had started taping, but it got scrapped last year. Apparently, at the same time, MTV was creating this show as well.

So what is Young and Pregnant? It follows five new moms, and it's somewhat like TLC's new show Unexpected.

Interestingly, not all of the moms on the show are technically teens-- at least two are 20+ -- but then again, we guess that's to be expected from MTV.

Thanks to MTV and Starcasm (who somehow found their last names), we have a list of the new moms:

Ashley Jones is a 20 year old from California, who is actually engaged to her baby daddy. MTV must be paying her pretty well, as she's bragging about having some dough suddenly.

Kayla Sessler is 18 from Illinois, and is a college student. She's deciding whether to stay with her boyfriend.


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Jade Cline is 20 from Indiana. Her baby daddy seems to be a rapper like our old buddy Rugga Dump. She's got parent problems.


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Lexi Tatman is 17 from Colorado, and apparently she's worried about her reputation. Hm...could have thought of that before?


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Brianna Jaramillo is 17, and interestingly, her boyfriend is transgender. Apparently she slept with an "old friend" while she was with her boyfriend, and that's how she got pregnant. The transgender boyfriend is now raising the baby.


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