What Shade Did Jenelle Throw At Kail Now?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been at war with Kail for some time now but it seems that Jenelle wants to be able to take out her anger as much as possible over social media.

And how far low has she stooped most recently? It appears Jenelle has been taking pot shows at Kail over her "flat tummy co" endorsements.

What exactly did she say? Jenelle points out in a recent endorsement that "the tummy tucks" should be left to others.

Kail, of course, has been pretty transparent about the fact that she had a tummy tuck but it appears Jenelle is going after her for this.

Now, Jenelle certainly shouldn't talk considering that she, herself, has had quite a bit of surgery herself.

She's undergoing plastic surgery on her breasts, she recently had surgery on her nose and there was quite a bit of recent publicity about her need to get her jaw realigned.

So, when will Jenelle have enough and finally feel like she can stop going after Kail? 

We have a feeling this war isn't going to be over for a while.

Of course, we do have Kail's response to look forward to...


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