What is Mackenzie Standifer Planning? A Strange Post Prompts Questions

mackenzie standifer

What's Mackenzie Standifer planning?

As we have written earlier, after text messages of Ryan trying to cheat surfaced, Mackenzie was on the hunt. She went after some of the women who Ryan was involved with. And she blamed them for Ryan's behavior.

But now, it looks like she's speaking out, at least to her friends. She reportedly wrote this on Instagram: "My girlies...They've loved on me, they've told me when I'm wrong.

They've laughed, cried, argued and been along for the ride with me on one of my stupid 'plans' I seem to come up with...I cherish them.

They have supported me in everything, stupid or logical and they've been there through fire so we can walk through heaven. I'm so blessed to call these girls my sisters."

Rumors are circulating that this post has something to do with her relationship with Ryan, and her potential plans for their future relationship. The Inquisitr writes that it may suggest a divorce is coming.

We're not so sure. It seems like a pretty banal post to us, and it's not that different from some of Mackenzie's old posts.

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