What Has Kail Been Hinting At?

kail lowry

Has anyone noticed Kail's tweets in the past week? Ever since Briana and Javi made their official announcement of getting together, it seems Kail's tweets have gotten increasingly cryptic.

Let's take a look at what she's been saying:

"Success is the best revenge."

"Please remove me from threads about who my ex's are dating. I give 0 fucks"

"I'm just saying if he cheated, so did I...we both did things."

Now, Kail has been enjoying all of extra publicity she's been getting from "Celebrity Bootcamp." But, it appears, that the additional attention that Javi and Briana's relationship has brought her has been getting under her skin a little bit.

So, will Kail start flaunting a new relationship to compensate for her feelings about this recent change? Yep, we figure that's next up for Kail and we'll be seeing a lot more photos of her and a new guy.

While Kail has been focusing on her career a bit more, at the end of the day, Kail is still the ex in the relationship and we wouldn't be surprised if a few insecurities had been reignited.