What Does Maci Think About Ryan's Most Recent Arrest?

Woah. Looks like Ryan has been arrested.

Again. We wonder if MTV is secretly regretting the fact that they fired Ryan OR if they're thanking their lucky stars that they got rid of such a major liability. Either way, here's what we know about what went down...

Ryan was taken into custody in a jail in Hamilton County, TN and charged with theft of services. Ryan was also charged with his prior charge, possession of heroin.

In this case, Ryan is being held with no bond since he has an outstanding warrant for his prior charge.

Here's what's really sad about the situation - Ryan was charged with theft of services because he walked out on a bill.

WHAT?! Yes, that's right. Either this kid is really entitled, really high or really hard up 'cause here's what went down according to TMZ:

Edwards allegedly walked out of a bar without pay his $36 bill last month, and the bartender called police. The bartender reportedly recognized Edwards from his previous mugshots, prompting his arrest Wednesday.

Oh boy. What does Maci have to say about all of this. Well, so far, mum's the word from Maci's camp. Sheesh.

She must be really sick of the press reaching out to her solely for the purposing of collecting a quotation on what she thinks of Ryan's arrests. And where does this leave Mackenzie.

She must be really regretting procreating with this one considering all of the money Ryan's ever made on Teen Mom is going to get sucked up by legal fees. Let's see how this story develops...

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