What Does Javi Want with Kail's Child Support Money?

javi marroquin

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Javi telling a friend that he was going to serve Kail papers to go to court for child support payments. What's interesting about this is what Kail pointed out when she actually got served the papers: Javi was demanding money for health insurance when he actually gets great health insurance through work.

In addition, Javi was also requesting money for Lincoln's school tuition needs.

But again, Kail pointed out in response to this that she already pays for Lincoln's school tuition. So why was Javi demanding child support at all, given these two facts?

Kail speculated that Javi was just taking her to court for child support money to be spiteful. But given how long Javi and Kail have been together and the amount of fame that Kail has accumulated in that time period, is it possible that Javi is jealous of Kail's accumulating wealth? We know that all of the teen moms are increasingly being leveraged fo endorsements and promotions by various companies.

And Javi has been boasting about getting his own MTV special recently.

So this leads to two hypotheses for the real reason Javi is demanding child support payments: 1) Javi wants to take up more screen time on Teen Mom 2 and escalate the drama between him and Kail for the sake of accumulating for fans and fame 2) Javi just wants a bigger piece of the pie.

After all, this morning, Kail tweeted:

"Not only did I hit him, cheat, get knocked up, and file a pfa, I got to keep the nicer of our two homes. #puta #tm2"

Hmm, now that's some food for thought.

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