What Do Teen Mom Baby Daddies Spend All That Teen Mom Money On?

amber portwood

It's clear that the teen moms are making the kind of money through their gigs on MTV that they would otherwise NEVER be able to make it.

Let's face it, these women (especially given their legal histories for stars like Amber Portwood or Jenelle Evans) aren't all that fit to do much else other than star on a reality show and leverage the publicity to churn out a few entrepreneurial ventures like books and merchandise.

And it looks like another major liability for these teen moms is their baby daddies and their spending habits.

As twitterer @NonMomJenelle explains:

"I honestly can't believe Jenelle is about to marry David. Dude was a rebound & he conned her into marriage & is spending all her MTV money."

So here's the question? What are the Teen Mom baby daddies spending all of that Teen Mom money on?

First up, the cars. Let's talk about all of the expensive SUV's on the show.

Jenelle and Amber are constantly being chauffered around town by their fiances (or now ex-fiances) in some pretty expensive cards and as we all know, Amber's ex, Matt, bought her a nice convertible for her birthday.

If you've ever shopped for an SUV, then you know that it can run upwards of $100, 000 especially if you get a model that's tricked out.

Second, there's the houses.

For some reason, Jenelle and David decided to build their home out in the woods where it couldn't have cost that much for them to buy the land.

But at least, this is one purchase that may actually keep its value.

Third, it looks like jewelry is another key purchase.

These baby daddies seem to know that if they want to keep spending their girlfriends' money, they're going to have shell out some for the jewelry.

Have you checked out the stone that Jenelle wears? Unfortunately, David probably had to spend Jenelle's money purchasing it.

Of course, in Amber's case, we never really got the truth on this one, but Matt potentially had a gambling problem as well.

And David? Babs loves to talk about his drinking problem so, expensive alcohol could also be up there on the list of purchases from these guys.

As Jenelle explains herself in "Reading Between the Lines," why do the Teen Mom's put up with this stuff? Self-esteem issues, of course.

Hmm, looks like therapy, rather than material goods, should be on these Teen Moms' shopping lists.

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