What Did Jenelle Have to Say About Kieffer's Arrest?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans usually has a lot to say about just about everything so why has she been keeping so quiet about Kieffer, her ex-boyfriend and clear past love? In her book, "Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle wrote extensively about how she couldn't help always going back to Kieffer.

So what's keeping her from making a public statement now?

We'd like to say it's family, but for now, it seems Jenelle is awfully busy with her ...business. If you take a look at Jenelle's Instagram, she's been busy posting away pics of her promotional products, and making sure her fans know about her tee-shirts and her makeup line.

It also seems that Jenelle recognizes the poor effect that Kieffer had on her and in her book, comes to blame him in part, for her descent into opiate addiction.

Of course, she doesn't give her mother Babs much credit for helping her out of that descent either.

In any case, Kieffer is sure to be enjoying quite a bit of prison time for the next few years.

According to reports, Kieffer pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine lab (felony) and risking catastrophe (felony) in addition to manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver (felony).

However, he did also receive a deal in which one felony count was dropped as were three misdemeanor counts.

Let's just hope Jenelle can parent her kids enough that she can keep one of them from turning into Kieffer. 


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