What???!!! Is Bristol Palin Headed For Teen Mom OG?!!!

Tyler Mckinney

Ever since Farrah Abraham left Teen Mom OG, the show just hasn't quite been the same.

The question of who was going to be added as the fifth cast member has also been hanging over our heads.

For a while, MacKenzie McKee was noted to be the fifth mom, but now The Ashley is spilling some serious gossip on....wait for it....Bristol Palin becoming the fifth mom on Teen Mom OG?!

Yep, so says the Ashely and last we checked, it's not April Fool's Day. So it looks like there may be some real meat to this story. 

Interestingly, some of the cast of Teen Mom OG have met Bristol Palin. They've been on the same teen mom panels together speaking about teen pregnancy. 

Since having a teenage pregnancy, Bristol Palin has gone onto to have a total of 3 kids with two baby daddies. Hmmm, sounds like she'd be right up MTV's alley for Teen Mom OG. 

Here's what Kail tweeted about the news:

Bristol palin & cheyenne & Cory for teen mom og? Our producers sure know what to do

Another interesting fact is whether Maci was going to drop out. What? That's news to us. But apparently, the Ashley also spilled that Maci was highly concerned about Ryan Edwards being filmed.

Apparently, she got all concerned about Bentley being exposed to this. Hmmm, considering your teenage pregnancy and trainwreck relationship with Ryan was also filmed for the cameras, we think that this ship has sailed a loooong time ago.

So what do you think about Bristol joining the cast? Let us know in the comments. 


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