Well, Now We Know Exactly What Tyler's Brother In Law Was In Jail For...

Tyler's sister has recently been a main character in Teen Mom OG, a departure from previous seasons.

We also recently got introduced to the rest of her family, including her husband Billy Elkins, who showed us his ankle monitor on the show.

Well, now Radar has dug up some deets on exactly why Billy was in so much trouble.  They're posted the court records here.

What did we find out?

- Billy was charged for "delivery or manufacture" of cocaine, less than 50 grams. This is a felony that can get you up to 20 years, and $25k in fines.

- He's a habitual offender, which can mean one and a half times the max sentence if he gets caught again -- so he could be looking at 30 years in the future.

- He had a firearm violation as well. Previously he was arrested for breaking into a Church's Chicken (yes, this is true).  He was on 5 years probation for that.

- He struck a plea deal where he got 2 years probation, with 6 mos "tether" (the ankle monitor).

- He has to do community service if not working, and needs to enroll in school or GED, as well as undergo psych evaluation.