We were right...sort of... Something's up with Javi and Briana

javi marroquin

We wrote about this before the current Teen Mom 2 season started: there's something going on with Briana and Javi. Here's what we wrote at the time:

Javi was at the MTV studios, filming for an episode's "after show" and had a chance to touch base with Briana, Teen Mom 2's newest cast member, afterward. What was really interesting, however, about their conversation was Javi's body language.

It was pretty clear that Javi was flirting up a storm with Briana, despite the fact that a) her daughter was right there and b) she's already pregnant with another man's child.

That didn't keep Javi from giving Briana all kinds of signals and asking her the details of her relationship with Luis, the father of her child.

The disappointment on Javi's face about Luis remaining in the picture, even after finding out about Briana's relationship was so clear!

Now, check out how Javi and Briana have been texting each other:

And fans have caught on. There's plenty of talk of Javiana all over social media.

Still, Javi is saying he's not totally done with his girlfriend, and he has no plans with Briana:

We'll have to see what happens here...

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