We Don't Get It: What Did David Do Wrong Now?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans apparently shocked the world again on Monday night when David reportedly "abused" Kaiser and herded all of the kids angrily into the car at the end of their vacation in the mountains.

Now, before we'd seen the episode, we'd heard all of the hype about the episode and so wanted to keep a real eye out for what David's behavior would be. 

Let's go over the details of the case:

David and Jenelle are on the last day of their vacation with their 4 kids, yes, 4, and irritable in the morning because Kaiser woke up around 4:30am and all of the kids were running around all morning long, yelling, and misbehaving.

Now, it appears, that in the scene in question, Jace and Jenelle's stepdaughter were playing outside while Kaiser has just finished up breakfast, saying that needs to poop, but instead of getting into the car, is grabbed by David and told to get into the car.

We're really not sure what the problem is, here. It's clear that Kaiser needs discipline and simply doesn't follow direction, and usually has a lot of trouble keeping quiet.

While David grabs him by one arm, it's clear he's not hurting him and needs to grab him as quickly as possible so he can get in the car.

So what gives? Why is everyone so hard on David? While David does appear paranoid about the car scene having been filmed at the end of the episode, we're really not sure why the world is ganging up on these two. They're not model parents, but there's no reason to assume that they're abusive either.

So, we suspect that all of the backlash has more to do with a generic anti-David sentiment. Now, that, we can get behind.


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