Watch Jenelle and David Getting Kaiser Back

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle was lucky enough to get Kaiser back this weekend, and for some reason, David thought it would be a brilliant idea to do an Instagram Live video of it happening.  

Thanks to Youtube, we have a clip of the video, although the entire video goes on for nearly a half hour.

Although the video was somewhat boring, David did note that he had a gun on him.  According to The Ashley, this is the end of this entire episode, and the case has essentially been closed.  

On Instagram, David took a few swipes at Nathan:

So worried about your son but you predictably skip town again while your child stays home with your sickly mother!... What a great father to rip a kid out of his loving home for the satisfaction that you can talk shit online and make me look bad? I've never made up lies about your bitch ass because I dont give a fuck about you.

Make up some more lies buddy because you are just burying yourself. Everyone can see through you and what you dont realize is you really just fucked up!

Meanwhile, Jenelle is doing everything she can to show a peaceful and safe home now that Kaiser's back.  She posted this photo -- which could not look more staged -- on Instagram:


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