Wait, What? Mackenzie Has Come Up With A Strange Explanation For Ryan's Arrest

Mackenzie Edwards always finds a way to make Ryan's situations sound even worse.  After her 'how could I possibly have guessed Ryan was on drugs' response to the initial car scene, things have just gotten weirder.

Mackenzie's speech to Maci during the TMOG reunion was pretty ridiculous, where she essentially blamed Maci for all of her problems.

Mackenzie has continued in that vein this entire season, insisting it was somehow wrong of Maci to restrict visitation after Ryan's rehab.

So now that Ryan has been arrested, her response is pretty much what you'd expect. She told Radar that "Possession of heroin was the original charge from April before he went to rehab.

Part of his case was he had to be booked. Everything is fine."

And she's insisting that he's clean now: "He took a drug test yesterday and passed," although she wouldn't answer whether Ryan was arrested for breaking probation.  

But this calls into question everything we know from before.  If Ryan was charged in April, he was either arrested at the time, or a warrant was issued.  

If the charge came with an arrest at the same time, it implies that Mackenzie was lying when she insisted she couldn't possibly have known Ryan was on drugs.

Also all of her drama on the reunion would have been BS. Even if the charge was made and Ryan wasn't arrested at the time, it still looks really bad.

Either way, Mackenzie has made things a lot worse for herself and Ryan.


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